We’re here!  The gentlest of Mister John’s music classes for the planet’s newest citizens.  Mister John will introduce your baby’s ear to all sorts of new sounds, teach parents and caregivers lullabies and call and response songs from around the world and guide participants in soft kinetic group activities.  Prepare yourself to see some wide eyes, some smiles, and some really touching “firsts.” 

MONDAYS @ 12PM – taught by Miss Lilly

FRIDAYS @ 1PM – taught by Mister John


We’re wide awake! In this class, Mister John encourages you and your baby to sit up and get hands-on.  We’ll rock and roll, shake and sway, crawl and dance.  Our music styling will get a little more upbeat, our activities will get a little more rambunctious, and the props and puppets will burst out of the bag.   We’ll begin to make music with our little ones, exploring how we all can generate sounds together – from shakers to group mooing.  Moooooo…

SUNDAYS @ 11AM, MONDAYS @ 9AM, or TUESDAYS @ 11AM  – taught by Miss Lilly

WEDNESDAYS @ 12PM and 1PM, THURSDAYS @ 1PM, FRIDAYS @ 11AM or SATURDAYS @12PM – taught by Mister John

(12 MONTHS to 24 MONTHS)

We’re discovering everything – how to speak, how to sing, how to make new sounds!  Your toddler will begin to notice that there are other people around and that means we’ll learn all about making friends.  On top of all of that – it’s movement time!  As your toddler begins to crawl and graduates to walking, Mister John will guide the class in group movement play.  We’ll swim through the ocean, we’ll hike through the woods, and we’ll learn the most important of dance moves – stir the soup, raise the roof, twist it out and “John Travolta.”

SUNDAYS @ 9AM, MONDAYS @ 10AM, or TUESDAYS 9AM – taught by Miss Lilly

WEDNESDAYS @ 10AM and 11AM, THURSDAYS @ 10AM and 12PM, FRIDAYS @ 9AM and 12pm, or SATURDAYS @ 9AM and 11AM – taught by Mister John


We’re figuring it out! Mister John’s Mighties come ready to play, jump, sing, and use their imagination. Your two-year-old will become an active participant in the direction of the class – “What song do you want to sing today?” “A Godzilla song!” “Alright then!” We’ll explore the basics of music creation (tempo, dynamics, pitch, etc.) through activities that stimulate your child’s body, voice, and mind. In addition to music instruction, Mister John and caregivers model social skills like sharing, teamwork, empathy, and appropriate expression of emotions to help these little ones understand how to interact with peers.

SUNDAYS @ 12PM – taught by Miss Lilly

WEDNESDAYS @ 9AM, THURSDAYS @ 9AM and 11AM, FRIDAYS @ 10AM and 5:30PM, or SATURDAYS @ 10AM – taught by Mister John


Aligned to Pennsylvania standards for pre-school readiness, this class employs music, puppets, costumes and all sorts of other props and activities to encourage an enthusiasm for reading.  In each 8-week session, students explore a culminating theme, investigate the fundamentals of reading (how to hold a book, how to turn pages, how to spot capital and lowercase letters) and learn six kids’ standards.  We learn fingerplays and nursery rhymes for phonetic awareness, we act out parts of the story for comprehension, and we practice self-regulation skills for when we get to go to “ big-kid school.”

SUNDAYS @ 10AM, MONDAYS @11AM or TUESDAYS @ 10AM – taught by Miss Lilly

A class for sensational children
(3 to 5 YEARS)

A licensed child psychologist joins Mister John in this intimate class specifically designed for children who need little more support in the classroom.  After an introductory phone conversation with parents to discuss each child’s specific needs, Mister John and Miss Jess will tailor the program to the group. Expect prolonged sensory-based experiences, visual scheduling, and repeated activities developed specifically to increase eye-contact, listening skills, and communication skills.  A safe environment, free from judgment or expectation, this class is meant to be a positive shared arts experience between parent and child.  If your child has a hard time in a group setting, if your child struggles to communicate his/her needs, if your child is the beautiful exception, then this is your class.

SATURDAYS @ 1PM – taught by Mister John

(5 to 10 YEARS)

An introduction to an instrument in a non-threatening, non-competitive manner.  Mister John’s motto is “Instruments are meant to be played.  PLAYED not practiced!”  In our very first class, we’ll explore how the guitar is constructed, how it produces sound, how to hold it, tune it, and play it.  We’ll discuss the basics of music theory – notes, rests, melody, chords, dynamics, tempo, pitch – and we’ll learn about music as a group sport.  We’ll compose our own songs, learn some folks standards, and pull from the students’ favorites to develop new skills and exercise our personal musical voices.  It’s about the guitar, yes, but also about encouraging your child to express him or herself through the arts and to develop a lifelong love of music. While guitars will be provided at the studio, students are required to have their own 1/2 or 3/4 size guitar to play at home.

This class is a 16-week session.

5-7 YEARS – TUESDAYS @ 3:30PM* – taught by Mister Diego/Miss Lilly, or SATURDAYS @ 2PM – taught by Mister Diego/Miss Lilly

8-10 YEARS – TUESDAYS @ 4:30PM – taught by Mister Diego/Miss Lilly, or SATURDAYS @ 3PM – taught by Mister Diego/Miss Lilly

*pick-up option for students at Meredith and Nebinger for additional charge of $80/student

A continuation for kids who have already been studying with Mister John, this class picks up right where we left off.  New chords, new skills, new games, new songs to help students excel at something they’re already enjoying!  If you’re interested in your child joining one of these classes but she/he has never taken a class with Mister John, just email him to set-up an assessment!  While guitars will be provided at the studio, students are required to have their own 1/2 or 3/4 size guitar to play at home.

This class is a 16-week session.

5-10 YEARS – WEDNESDAYS @ 4PM – taught by Mister John/Mister Diego


A fun laid-back place to learn a new instrument – this class is for the grown-up who has always wanted to accompany him/herself on the guitar. “
Let’s start at the very beginning… a very good place to start…”  Bring your guitar, a beverage of your choosing, and your best singing voice. You’ll learn some chords, a few strumming patterns, and a lick or two. You could be the next Pat Benatar! What have you got to lose?! Join the party!

TUESDAYS @ 7:45PM – taught by Mister Diego

THURSDAYS @ 6PM or FRIDAYS @ 2:30PM and 6PM – taught by Mister John

If you’ve already been studying with Mister John, or if you have a knowledge of bar chords and a smattering of finger-plucking patterns in your repertoire, this class is for you.  The 6pm class is more fast-paced and advanced; the 7:45pm class is more laid-back and intermediate.  Both are equally awesome.  If you’re interested in joining one of these classes but have never taken a class with Mister John, just
email him to set-up an assessment- and get ready to rock!!

WEDNESDAYS @ 6PM or 7:45PM – taught by Mister Diego

Ever wanted to be able to tune-up your own instrument?   Here’s your chance!  In this one-off class you’ll learn how to adjust your truss rod, how to raise or lower your nut and bridge, how to clean/maintain your fretboard, change your strings and tune your guitar by ear.  All while enjoying a beverage of your choice with a group of fellow guitarists.  A set of new strings and string winder are included with each registration.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18 6:30-8PM – taught by Mister Diego


If you’re terrified of singing in public or if you long for the days when you were in a college acapella group, Mister John wants you in this class.  We’ll work on pitch recognition, breathing techniques, and part singing through a selection of diverse song stylings based on what our classmates want to sing.  Singers will not only learn musical concepts through vocal training but also become more confident in what makes their individual voices and vocal tones special and valuable as part of a musical community.

TUESDAYS @ 6PM or THURSDAYS @ 7:45PM – taught by Mister John